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Lays Pizza Hut 150g

Lays Pizza Hut 150g

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Lay's Pizza Hut Margherita Crisps: Snack with a Slice of Heaven

Unearth a culinary masterpiece with these delicious crisps. These unique, savoury treats from Lay's, one of the world's most loved snack brands, encapsulate the time-honoured flavours of Pizza Hut's classic Margherita Pizza. Now available to you right here in the UK, this is the ideal blend of fast-food favourite and snack-time delight.

Every crunch of the Lay's Pizza Hut Margherita crisps takes your taste buds on a journey to Italy with a deliciously tangy tomato, rich mozzarella, and a hint of basil. Savour this extraordinary snack that mirrors the heartwarming, authentic taste of a Pizza Hut Margherita pizza.

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