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Moon Pie Zesty Lemon Double Decker - 2.75oz (78g) BBE: 11/23

Moon Pie Zesty Lemon Double Decker - 2.75oz (78g) BBE: 11/23

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Experience a tangy twist on a classic treat with Moon Pie Zesty Lemon. These delightful confections take the iconic Moon Pie to a whole new level of citrusy goodness.

Moon Pie Zesty Lemon features a soft, marshmallow centre sandwiched between two graham cracker cookies, all enrobed in a zesty lemon-flavored coating. Each bite is a harmonious blend of sweet and tangy, with the refreshing taste of lemon dancing on your taste buds. These pies are a delightful snack, a perfect pairing with a cup of tea, or a fun treat to enjoy on a sunny day. Whether you're a long-time Moon Pie enthusiast or seeking a new and exciting flavour adventure, Moon Pie Zesty Lemon is a delicious way to brighten up your snacking experience with a burst of lemony delight.


BBE: 11/23

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