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Candy Drip

Brain Licker Balls Sour Candy Drink 60ml

Brain Licker Balls Sour Candy Drink 60ml

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Experience the thrill of tongue-tingling delight with our Brain Licker Balls Sour Candy Drink. Each 60ml bottle brims with an intense sour candy flavour, guaranteed to make your taste buds dance. Crafted in the UK, this unique candy drink blends the fun of traditional sweets with the convenience of a modern beverage. Pop open a bottle for an instant kick of sourness that continues to entertain your palate long after the first sip. Designed with a playful, eye-catching package, it's an ideal treat for parties, gifts, or simply to satisfy your sour candy craving. Enjoy the invigorating jolt of Brain Licker Balls Sour Candy Drink, where every drop is an adventure in sour! Remember, the tongue-tingling sensation is not for the faint-hearted, it's sour candy bliss in a bottle.

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