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Candy Drip

Fizzlerz Mystery Flavour

Fizzlerz Mystery Flavour

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“That’s Sweet! Fizzlerz” candy pouches, designed to mimic the look of miniature bottles, are an inventive and fun candy treat filled with sour fruit-flavoured powder. Each pouch offers a unique and interactive candy experience, with a selection of vibrant and tangy flavours including strawberry, blue raspberry, grape, and green apple. Adding to the excitement is a mystery flavour, which promises a surprise with every taste.

The sour powder inside these charming bottle-style pouches is likely to provide an intense burst of tartness, appealing to those who love a good pucker-inducing treat. The variety of flavours ensures that there’s something to satisfy different taste preferences, and the mystery flavour adds an element of fun and curiosity.

Ideal for sharing, as party favours, or for enjoying as a novel snack, “That’s Sweet! Fizzlerz” in these bottle-shaped pouches are perfect for those seeking a playful and flavourful candy experience. The packaging itself, resembling little soda bottles, enhances the charm and appeal of these candies, making them a delightful pick for both kids and adults who enjoy sour and fruity flavours.

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