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Skittles Freezer Bars 10pk 1oz (28.3g)

Skittles Freezer Bars 10pk 1oz (28.3g)

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 Skittles Freezer Pop 28g Pack of 10 offers a delightful twist on a beloved candy. These freezer pops incorporate the iconic fruity flavours of Skittles in a refreshing frozen treat, perfect for cooling off on a hot day. Each pack contains 10 individually wrapped 28-gram pops, allowing for convenient storage and serving. With the same vibrant taste and colours that Skittles fans know and love, these freezer pops are an exciting way to enjoy Skittles in a new, chilled form. Ideal for summer gatherings, parties, or as a special treat for kids and adults alike, the Skittles Freezer Pop 28g Pack of 10 provides a fun and tasty way to beat the heat. Grab a pack and taste the rainbow in a whole new way!


  • Flavor: Orange, grape, strawberry
  • Shelf Life: 20 Months
  • Container Type: Carton
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